3D Interactive drives the digital transformation

Future-proof digital solutions

Through our future-proof, visual and scalable solutions, we offer efficient digital processes with a focus on the construction and manufacturing industries. 3D Interactive helps you save time and money in a sustainable way.

Increased profitability

Through our measurable digital processes, we streamline your business to help you save money.

Competitive edge

The digital landscape is changing rapidly. Our future-proof and effective solutions prepares you for the future.


With our visual communication solutions, we enable a clear knowledge transfer for faster and more accurate decision making.

Ready for the future

By implementing our digital solutions we help you meet the future demands of sustainability, environment and safety.

Increased insight and better understanding through visual tools

Supported by research, we use Spatial Computing as the basis for your digital transformation. It means using the space around us as a medium to interact with connected technology. This allows us to work with information in a natural and more human way via visual learning.

3D Interactive provides hands-on solutions for service and maintenance personnel and creates visual tools for decision makers that provide relevant information and insight to make the right strategic decisions through your organization's digital transformation.


Augmented Reality

By projecting holograms using Augmented Reality, you connect the digital and the physical world.

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Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in a completely digital world to better understand size, space and relations in a natural way.

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Web 3.0

Via web 3.0, we incorporate digital 3D-models on the web and link IoT devices to create a digital model that mirrors reality. This allows for a real time digital twin.

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Unleashing the power of today's new technology.

Many companies have started their digitization journey and some have even started implementing VR / AR / IoT into their business. With the industry's longest experience in BIM processes and Spatial Computing, we offer visual future-proof digital products, services and processes for the construction and manufacturing industries.

Through effective initiatives supported by research, we make your business more profitable and sustainable. As a knowledge leader in Spatial Computing we are actively working with our proven methods that produces clear and measurable results.

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